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Find out who's behind and read where the website's name came from.


David Tedesco's head shot.
Silvanti Media is owned and operated by me, David Tedesco, and has been in operation under various names (Neverland Pictures, Neverland Studios, Silvanti Entertainment) for many years. I have directed all of the films at and created all other media featured on the site (with the exception of some of the images directly below the navigational menu—for those I thank the fine folks at the "Stock Exchange" stock photo website, which can be found at

I built the site using the phenomenal RapidWeaver application for Mac ( If you're looking for a fast and easy way to get your website on the information superhighway (remember in the 90's when that was the world's best buzzword?), there is no better application than Rapidweaver.

A note about the name "Silvanti": In the late 90's, I created an outline for a script that would eventually become the self-produced vampire movie called "Dark Hearts." I conveniently named the group of bad guys "The Coven" since they were (wait for it...) a coven. But it took a great while to finally settle on a name for the film's band of undead protagonists. After much internal debate, I settled on "Silvio" for the good guys' hero of lore, so "Silvanti" was the natural semantic evolution of the name for the group as a whole. Fast forward to the mid-2000s, and I quickly found that "" was one of the few remaining website names available without resorting to calling my little home on the internet (give it ten years, I'm sure it'll exist). So there you have it, and I hope that some day people will be as familiar with the word "Silvanti" as they are with "Nike" or "Google." Well, maybe not, but I can dream...

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