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As a side effect of making movies, I quickly found out that I needed to make posters and other imaging to support each new film. Although Adobe Photoshop was a relatively new program (I got on board way back with Photoshop version 3.0 in the early 90's), I soon found that I enjoyed working with images and creating graphics almost as much as I enjoyed editing movies.

I took this experience to its furthest in the movie The Messenger, which that necessitated more graphic effects shots than I had ever had in one movie (take a look at the trailer to see the mountain I added in a flat, rural field, among others). Aside from that film, I've also created buttons and graphics to support the many professional video presentations I've made in addition to the DVD case and disc graphic designs for other projects.

What you'll see in the examples I have posted is an attention to layout, color, and aesthetics that closely fits the themes and content of the initial assignment (for those projects done for professional contacts), and a sense of fun and enjoyment for those done for myself.

By the way, did you notice the word "ninja" hiding in the trees in the image to the right?


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