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Large version of the Dark Hearts poster
Director: David Tedesco
Editor: David Tedesco
Starring: Matthew Elmore, Jeff Slag, Rachel Hirshorn, Greg Fry, Clayton Macy, Lora Pierson, Tony Johnson
Runtime: 100 minutes
Year: 2000

Eric Fireblau leads an ordinary life. He's late to classes in the morning, he likes to hang out with his best friend, and he takes care of his younger brother, Todd.

Eric also has a long family history with a supernatural group called the Silvanti, or "those who shine through the darkness."

The Silvanti are vampires.

When Todd is mysteriously kidnapped, Eric's world is turned upside down. He must confront the fears of his past and lack of spirit to join with the Silvanti and rescue his brother in a climactic battle of good and evil.

Vampire attacks Daniel. Todd at window. Toronto and Elle

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