The Work and Business of David Tedesco


From Script To Screen

15 Years Experience
2 Feature-Length Movies
Dozens of Shorts


There's an unwritten rule that the first few years learning any new art require rocky ups and downs as one learns the ropes—I was certainly no exception learning to make movies.

From my first school projects with a camcorder-to-VHS editing rig (technically my first movie, a junior high interpretation of Dr. Jeckl and Mr. Hyde, was shoot on a PXL2000 that used audio cassette tapes—check out that amazing little camera on the left) to my current Final Cut Pro setup, I have constantly been learning and growing as a media creator.

Anyone who has read the seminal "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell knows such growth also comes with an almost instinctual ability to predict what is a "right" choice and what is not—that is the heart of being a good content creator. I believe that after years of training I finally posses such an understanding and bring it to my productions.

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