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Large version of the LizardHunters poster.
Director: David Tedesco
Editor: David Tedesco
Starring: Noah South, Jeff Slag, Lorne Cook, Billy The Tyrannosaur
Runtime: 7 Minutes
Year: Late 90's-ish

This internet-only short film is what happens when a young director and his friends get bored one weekend.

Lizardhunters chronicles three intergalactic bounty hunters sent back in time from the future to stop a marauding Tyrannosaurus Rex... which was also sent back in time due to an experiment-gone-wrong by the F.I.R.S.T company ("Frontiers In Research, Science & Technology"). Lots of fighting and roaring ensues.

Yeah, we know. But it's short, so give it a look.

Character looking right. Character wearing shades. TRex attack.

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