The Work and Business of David Tedesco



I started making films at the age of 14. A decade and a half later, I'm still at it—as a freelance media creator. Take a look at some of my work.


I started working with video back when I was fourteen. I edited using a VHS camcorder and a VCR strung together, and in those days you couldn't pause for more than five minutes or the VCR would turn of and there would be a brief moment of static between edits; this meant that a movie had to be edited in its entirety in one sitting.

The first official narrative movie I made was for a friend's school project. We called our five-minute epic dinosaur-slaying masterpiece "Lizzardhunter" (yes, with two "Z's"; also, I love the large blue plastic dinosaurs we used as props); we later remade it as "Lizardhunters."

Fast forward a decade and a half later and you'll still find me behind a computer trimming edit points, but this time it's for places such as the University of Michigan's College of Pharmacy. Lasty, my latest two fictional works have been "American Something" and "The Messenger."

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